We took the 4x4 back into Jacoby Canyon to Big Bear's best climbing area, The Pinnacles. Of course we got lost and had to backtrack some pretty rough stuff. Still, there were roads that shut us down that the hardsore drivers would navigate with their crew. Our camp was choice and after our Vons Feast, we watched Tropic Thunder on the laptop and replied to emails. After scouting the classic Coyote Crags and Tombstone areas with the kids the next day, I led Wilber's Tombstone with Caleb on belay for the first time! Scary stuff! In the video, you'll see the elaborate anchor I rigged to keep him on the ground if I pitched. Town was way crayon-filled, so we ditched out to the Log Cabin for some Kartoffelpfannekuchen before closing the weekend loop with a Soak at Marcy's after 345 mi. Plus, we finally got to skate Fontana and it was pool paradise!