At dgoode.com, we use a phased implementation approach to building internet information systems. As your site matures over time, greater levels of sophistication are introduced. Functionality, interactivity, database management, secure financial transactions and high-end graphical treatments are all signs of a sophisticated web presence. We can bring you into this rapidly growing market segment at any stage of the implementation process, depending on your business model. Each site is custom and each level can be developed independently.

Our pricing is unique in that we have created "WebComponents" that act as building blocks for the various levels of implementation. Just add up the prices for the levels you desire and you have the total website development costs!

Building your site is not where our services end! We also offer Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, Search Engine Registration and Domain Name Registration as additional services outside of the phased implementation process.

The internet is the fastest-growing segment of the marketplace today. Let the web team at dgoode.com craft your presence the way we have for our many clients, beautifully and inexpensively.